Updated on: 14/02/2017

Complete Vision

Launched in 1999, the Econic has been used in a host of different applications but became best-known in the UK as a best-selling refuse truck chassis. Over the last 12-18 months, however, the heightened focus on cyclist and pedestrian safety in busy urban areas has enabled Mercedes-Benz to win a string of high-profile orders for Econic-based tippers, tipper-grabs, skip-loaders and mixers from construction sector operators.

The high-visibility Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen and a full-length, folding side door allowing the driver, who sits much lower than in a conventional distribution vehicle, to make direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in traffic queues.

The Econic’s standout low-entry cab has just two steps rather than the traditional four, which also reduces the risk of access and egress injuries for the operator’s driver and ‘van assistant’, while easy through-cab access allows both to enter and exit safely on the non-traffic side.

What Our Customers Think

City of London's Mercedes-Benz Econic - Press Release:

“We take the issue of road safety incredibly seriously and I am delighted that we have adopted this new, high-visibility tipper. Anything which improves the field of vision for a lorry driver, so they can better see vulnerable road users, is a welcome step forward."

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Euro VI Mercedes-Benz Econic Collects Redbridge Praise - Press Release:

"The Euro VI Econics are certainly doing far better than we expected, and anecdotally I gather from conversations with industry colleagues that they have had similar experiences. The drivers loved the Mercedes-Benz for its comfort, ease of operation and manoeuvrability.”

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S Walsh Puts Safety First with Mercedes-Benz Econic - Press Release:

“After just half an hour on the road, I realised that I really liked it. You see a lot more of what’s around you, and the fact that you sit that much lower means that – just as Mercedes-Benz says – you can indeed make direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians, which is a big help."

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