Expires 31/12/2017

Maintain Your Truck's Performance

Now you can keep your 18t Antos rigid*, 18t Actros rigid* or Arocs 8x4 rigid** performing at its peak with two years' free repair and maintenance, including:

  • Parts, labour and lubricants for all maintenance and repairs including wear and tear items and friction material
  • Annual MOT preparation and test, and preventative maintenance inspections
  • Service 24h roadside assistance

Zero Tolerance On Downtime

Not only will we keep your Truck's maintenance but it's also all backed by our Zero Tolerance on Downtime commitment***:

  • 55-minute average roadside assitance time anywhere in the UK
  • 90% roadside repair rate
  • Vehicles replaced like-for-like or with the financial rental equivalent (if not replaced in 24 hours)

Complete Service Contracts equal complete peace of mind.

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Model: Arocs 8x4 Rigid

Designed from the ground up to provide
 a reliable, high-torque, flexible drive configuration,
 the Arocs is designed to suit the Construction
 industry down to the ground. 

Model: Antos 18t Rigid

Built to cater exactly to your requirements across
all applications. Meaning you can go about your
day-to -day tasks more effectively and efficiently
whatever your line of work. 

Model: Actros 18t Rigid

This addition to the range puts everything that has
gone before  it in the shade. Its modern cab offers the
driver maximum comfort whilst delivering exceptional
fuel economy.











*Complete Service Contracts apply to all Actros and Antos 18t rigid distribution vehicles and are subject to a maximum annual mileage of 125,000km.
**Complete Service Contracts apply to all Arocs 32t 8x4 rigid construction vehicles ordered until 31/12/2017 and are subject to a maximum annual mileage of 100,000km.
***Applicable to all factory standard, on-road Euro VI vehicles.

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