Mercedes PRO Connect at a glance

With the free Mercedes PRO adapter keep track of your vans whilst they’re on the road, reduce downtime and keep your business moving.  Your Mercedes PRO dashboard helps you predict faults before they happen by giving you real-time vehicle status updates to maximise uptime.

Vehicle Logistics – real time geo-tracking of your vehicles with optional alerts if a vehicle leaves a pre-determined geofenced area

Vehicle Status – the intuitive dashboard gives you a summary of all vehicle conditions, fuel consumption and safety updates

Fleet Communication – keep in touch with your drivers by sending messages, address locations and contact details

Digital Drivers Log – see all starting points, destinations and distances for each vehicle

Maintenance Management – information on upcoming vehicle service requirements with simple online scheduling 

Keeping your vans in view. Even when they’re not.

Applicable for both large and small fleets, the Mercedes PRO connect adapter assists businesses reduce downtime and improve co-ordination.  By creating efficient communication, the business can benefit from productivity increases and improved customer satisfaction as delays and late deliveries are reduced.  Mercedes PRO Adaptor is free of charge and can be retrofitted on all Sprinters built after 2006 and Vitos built after November 2010.  The Mercedes PRO Adapter App (available on both Android and IOS) is used for communication between the driver and fleet manager, allowing information exchanges such as addresses and contact details.   Assisting transport managers manage their fleet/drivers creates both an efficient and safe working environment. 

More from Mercedes-Benz PRO Connect

Businesses can link their vans to a PC or Smartphone app, allowing the transport manager to have complete transparency of the whole fleet, assisting with:

  • Real time vehicle locations and battery voltage/fuel Levels
  • Alerts if vehicles leave pre-determined geofenced area
  • Vehicle service status
  • Eco Monitor: environment related vehicle data, driver’s behaviour and fleet efficiency
  • Eco Coach: ability to reward for positive driving style that improves fuel consumption
  • Theft & Asset Management: support in case of vehicle theft – GPS data assists police.  Fuel theft identification by monitoring fuel consumption on both moving and stationary vehicles.
  • Safety Monitor: combined display of safety-relevant driver and vehicle data
  • Safety Coach: vehicle and driver-related analysis function for factors that impact on safety