Updated: 04/05/2016

Comfortable Delivery

A year after launching her own courier firm Cambridge-based Suzanne Cornwell has graduated to her first, owned van, a Jupiter Red Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Not that Suzanne’s investment represents a leap in the dark – she spent the previous 12 months at the wheel of a leased Sprinter, and has also driven the multi-award-winning Mercedes-Benz as an employee of some of the biggest names in the parcels delivery business.

Supplied by Dealer S & B Commercials, Suzanne’s Long-bodied, high-roofed Sprinter 313 CDI offers the combination of fuel-efficiency and productivity – a 14m³ load volume and 4,300 mm cargo deck length – that makes it the vehicle of choice for many UK courier companies.

Like all Sprinters it is also exceptionally comfortable and equipped with a reassuring armoury of active and passive safety systems, as well as offering the reliability for which the three-pointed star is renowned. The comprehensive Mobilo Van cover includes emergency roadside assistance while the vehicle is also backed by a three-year, unlimited mileage manufacturer’s warranty.

All-round Quality

“I start at 5am and work 14- and 15-hour days,” said Suzanne. “But the business is going well and I love being my own boss – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Suzanne has named her company Warren Courier Services and adopted a rabbit logo in tribute to her maternal grandfather, who was known as ‘Bunny’ Warren. She works almost exclusively for Parcelforce and spends much of her time delivering to outlying villages, as well as to Cambridge and Ely.

“I’m covering some 40,000 miles a year and it’s all multi-drop work,” continued Suzanne. “I know I’m in the right van for the job. The Sprinter is loaded with on board technology and brilliant mechanically, but what people don’t always realise is how nice it is to drive – in terms of comfort and all-round quality it’s more like a high-end car than a van, while it looks very modern and stylish too.”

The Right Attitude

The vehicle was one of the first to be sold by S & B Commercials’ Rebecca Osei, who recently joined the Mercedes-Benz Van Talent Programme, a far-reaching, two-year training scheme launched by the manufacturer in 2014 to develop the sales stars of tomorrow.

“Rebecca’s attitude when I visited the Dealer’s HQ near Hatfield really impressed me; she was friendly and welcoming but also professional,” recalled Suzanne. “She admitted from the outset that she’d not been doing the job for long so when I asked a question that she couldn’t answer she introduced me to senior colleagues who were able to help.”

Suzanne acquired her Sprinter with funding support from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. “The hire purchase deal was very attractively priced – it’s costing me less than the lease for my previous vehicle, and I’ve gained a company asset – while the sales experience at S & B was fantastic.

“I’ve stayed in touch with Rebecca and will have no hesitation in going back to her when I finally come to replace my van.”

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