Offer ends: 30/06/2018

At S & B Commercials, we have some great offers on Reman and GenuineParts – contact us on 01707 861472 or email us at  

Why choose anything else?

Excellent wear characteristics and long service lives for substantially more mileage than comparable brake pad, brake disc and absorber copies. Designed to keep businesses moving.

Brake pads, brake discs and absorbers must deliver optimum performance at all times, even at the high temperatures that result from continuous loading. Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts cope perfectly with the extreme stress imposed by the thermal-fatigue test.

Why choose GenuineParts Brake Pads, Discs and Shock Absorbers?

  • Fast, first time fit
  • Extremely competitive kit prices
  • 12-month unlimited mileage warranty
  • Lower wear for higher mileage


Product Code Product Price (Ex-VAT)*
A9064210400 Front Pads £25.00 per set
A0084205120 Rear Pads £35.00 per set
A9064210012 Front Discs £35.00 each
A9064230012 Rear Discs £35.00 each
A9063200433 / A9063201533 Front Shock Absorbers £130.00 each

*Prices based on Sprinter 906 - 2006 onwards

Offer ends: 30/06/2018

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