The E-Canter See Tomorrow Today

The E-Canter allows customers to take advantage of a light duty electric truck that is both economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention dependable, manoeuvrable and quiet, as the solution for clean urban deliveries. The E-Canter is only the first of many other electric vehicles from Fuso's E-Canter to be developed in the next several years.

The E-Canter impresses with an optimized powertrain including an electric motor of 115kw, connected to the reduction gear which transfers the power to the wheels via the propeller shaft and rear axle.


  • Mileage  - more than 100km per charge (full payload)
  • Payload 4.500 kg
  • Max. Speed 80km/h
  • Durability 4 years, 100.000 km
  • Safety ABS, ESP, LDWS

Economically profitable due to 30% less maintenance costs

In comparison you will have 30 % less maintenance costs and potential fuel savings of 1,000 euros per 10,000 km depending on diesel and power prices. The additional costs of purchasing an eCanter will be paid for over the first three years. The forward thinking design approach for the eCanter also compliments its technical features. The futuristic cabin design combines functionality with comfort. Driver oriented design comes equipped with 12″ displays, push start, button shift and comfortable seats. And the adaptive lighting ensures a car like ambience. Charging is also possible on conventional sockets. The efficiency of an electrically powered vehicle fleet of eCanters gives customers the opportunity to perfectly balance load times, electricity usage rates, electricity demand, as well as the technical infrastructure. E-FUSO offers customized solutions in energy management, which are tailored to the needs of customers.

Your Benefit and Comfort

  • Zero emission with more than 100 km electric mileage 
  • Best - in class 7.5t electric vehicle: 4.500 kg payload
  • Improved electric Powertrain
  • 30% less maintenance costs and potential fuel savings of 1.000 Euro per 10.000 km* 
  • Pedestrian audible warning system
  • Keyless push button to start the vehicle
  • Recuperation system to enlarge your mileage
  • In-dash display performance/charge status
  • Modern interior and exterior design 

To find out more about this ground breaking Canter call us today on 01707 861742 





*depending on local diesel and power prices