9 Mercedes-Benz Vans as Heroes in Everyday Life

by Giuseppe Milazzo Van

9 Mercedes-Benz Vans as Heroes in Everyday Life

Whether for a police operation, an emergency or a firefighter service: Mercedes-Benz vans are the heroes of our everyday life.

  1. Rescue vehicle ‘Rescube’ The body of this Sprinter is based on an aluminium sandwich structure and holds a gurney and two seats for medical staff. Quick treatment of the injury can now go ahead. Binz Ambulance converted a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Mercedes-Benz Vito as a Taxi.

  2. Drives always to your front door With their extra spaciousness, the long and extra-long versions are particularly suitable for use as taxis. One typical feature is the light ivory paint finish for German taxis. This way clients comfortably arrive at their destination.

  3. Mobile command centre for fire departments The citan converted by Gruau is a workshop vehicle as a mobile command centre for fire departments. The rear is equipped with a spacious equipment cabinet with numerous drawers for tools and fire-fighting gear. Mercedes-Benz Citan as a van for firefighters. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for disabled persons.

  4. Wheelchair Accessible Sprinter The vehicle can be modified individually by Paravan for the prevailing disability and needs. In this case the passengers with a wheelchair are brought on board with a lift.

  5. Well-shaped rescue vehicle The signalling system is integrated into the cover between cab and body. Highly noticeable features are the harmoniously round shapes inside and out. The Sprinter was converted by Ambulanz Mobile and attracts attention at every street corner. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from Ambulanz Mobile. Mercedes-Benz Citan as a police vehicle.

  6. The Citan as police vehicle This Mercedes-Benz Citan is supposed to attract attention – the Citan as a police vehicle with blue emergency lights. Police equipment? Fits perfectly in the van.

  7. A Sprinter for the factory fire department The fire fighting vehicle from Rosenbauer is based on a panel van with medium wheelbase. The Sprinter is equipped for a big range of jobs: fighting incipient fires and small fires as well as providing technical help. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for a fire fighting vehicle. Mercedes-Benz Vito from Gruau.

  8. Patient transport ambulance The ambulance is based on the long-wheelbase Vito. The medical equipment is stowed in cabinets and trays; the gurney is transported in the middle. There is even space for medical staff: two folding seats are provided on the right side.

  9. Rescue vehicle Vehicle is based on a Sprinter with a box body constructed of sandwich-structure walls with coated aluminium outer skin. The special signalling equipment is integrated into the front and rear spoiler. The integrated desinfection system is a new feature: Two jets on the ceiling spray a fine mist of the particular agent and quickly and effectively eliminate germs and pathogens from the treatment room.

(Source: MYVAN)