What type of oil should I use for my Mercedes Benz Van?

There are a few different types of oil with various ratings and numbers and letters attached to it. It may be synthetic or semi-synthetic. All this can be confusing when all you want is to put some oil in your engine. Well I will try and explain a little bit so that you can make the right choice.

For your Mercedes-Benz Vito or Sprinter you are best to use Genuine Mercedes Oil.

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All oil that you buy will have one of these types of ratings on it and what it means is this, 10w-40. The 2 numbers represents the low and high viscosity of the oil. Viscosity basically means thickness. The 10w is the viscosity at 0 degrees C and the 40 is the viscosity at 100 degrees C. The "w" next to the 10 means that it has been winter tested. There is a polymer additive combined with the oil to keep it thinner in the extreme cold and thicker in the heat which in turn will help you engine wear. So in winter you can put in 10w-40 or maybe even 5w-30 if it is really cold but in the UK 10w-40 will suffice. In the summer you could maybe think about putting 15w-40 in your engine as it generally is a thicker oil and the natural heat of the summer keeps it thinner. This is exactly why the oil is rated the way it is. Synthetic oil has been tampered with by us humans to make an even more efficient oil for our engines, also explaining why it is more expensive.


A few synthesised components used in the making of petroleum are used to help make the oil rather than manufactured solely from crude oil. Mineral oil is also an option but it is a by-product of making petroleum and was once only used as a mechanical lubricant. Now it is mass produced and being sold world wide as a motor oil. While it is OK, fully synthetic oil will help you with engine wear and you will get a more full and consistent protection from your oil. Again if you have a Mercedes Benz Vito or Sprinter then use Synthetic 10w-40 oil. So there we go. I hope this has helped you in making your oil decision. At S&B Commercials we sell oil literally by the drum. SO if you would like to buy either 1 litre or 100 litres then contact us here. Just to remind you also that S&B Commercials will not only supply you with some oil. We will also put it in your van, service your van, repair your van or even sell you a new or used van. We have many New and Used Mercedes Vans and Trucks which are viewable on our website so go have a look when you get a spare minute. We also stock all the genuine Mercedes Parts for all Mercedes Commercial Vehicles. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you. Have a nice day and a lovely weekend.