What should my Tyre Pressures be on my Mercedes Vito or Sprinter?

Hello everyone,

Just a little reminder from S&B Commercials to check the air pressure of your tyres on your Mercedes Benz Van. To help, here is a little list of what you should have in our popular Vito and Sprinter Vans.

Sprinter Van - 1995-2011 - Front tyres  -  47 psi   -   Rear tyres  -  54 psi.

Vito Van - 1995-2003 - Front tyres  -  39 psi   -   Rear Tyres  -  39 psi.

Vito Van - 2003-2006 - Front tyres  -  42 psi   -   Rear tyres  -  42 psi.

It goes without saying that it is important to keep your tyres at optimal pressure. This is important for tyre wear, grip and fuel consumption and not to mention safety.

Have a safe journey wherever you are going...