Truck emissions over the years

Last month’s Paris Climate Change Conference put vehicle emissions firmly back on the agenda. With world leaders gathering to negotiate tighter emissions targets for our planet, companies relying on and producing heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) took note.

For almost three decades Europe has sought to control HDV emissions in a bid to protect human health and reduce greenhouse gases.

Emissions standards history

Europe first introduced heavy-duty vehicle emission standards in 1988. 

Mercedes-Benz Vans wins ANOTHER safety award

There’s sure to be some celebrating going on at Mercedes as they’ve picked up yet another award—an unparalleled sixth consecutive What Van? award for safety. 

The What Van? awards are the among the most respected and coveted honours in the light commercial vehicle industry. They recognise the outstanding performers in 13 crucial light commercial vehicle categories, including innovation and safety. 

Big and clever – The new Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspace

Providing the most comfortable driving experience possible has long been a Mercedes Benz hallmark. Objectives and design priorities may shift from vehicle to vehicle but some things are universally present across the entire Mercedes Benz range and a comfortable, ingeniously designed cabin is certainly one of them. 

Mercedes-Benz Vito 4x4

The Mercedes-Benz Vito 4x4 is a versatile vehicle to say the least. It’s hard working, durable and is certain to become a valuable part of your business. You can rely on the Vito to cope no matter where you need to go, as its all-wheel drive can handle the off-road terrain and poor conditions that might stop other vehicles in their tracks.
As you would expect from a Mercedes van, the Vito handles beautifully, and it achieves maximum safety, even under the most inconvenient or adverse conditions, thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive system.

The Sprinter shows how serious Mercedes-Benz are about improved efficiency

The latest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van significantly enhances what was already regarded as the market leading large van in a variety of ways but one the most persuasive for many business owners will undoubtedly be the new Sprinter’s improved fuel efficiency. With some models capable of a fantastically frugal 42 mpg there’s no denying that the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MPG figures are seriously impressive, especially for such a burly van. 

Mercedes-Benz Vito Towing Capacity

If your business depends on your ability to tow heavy weights, it stands to reason you’ll need a heavy duty van than can handle any towing job you care to throw at it. Even if towing isn’t a major part of your core business, it makes sense to ensure you have the right vehicle when it counts.

Van Man Stories - Veselin Zafirov

To challenge the negative stereotypes of van drivers, S & B Commercials introduces Van Man Stories – a series of videos following our customers who use and rely on their Mercedes-Benz vans

Van Man Stories - Jon Bonar

To challenge the negative stereotypes of van drivers, S & B Commercials introduces Van Man Stories – a series of videos following our customers who use and rely on their Mercedes-Benz vans

Van Man Stories - Changing Perceptions

There are more than 3.2 million van drivers on UK roads – that’s one van for every 20 people. This number is substantially increasing. The demand for vans has come with the demand for delivery from the increasing trend of online shopping, be it clothes or groceries. With the increase in vans, comes the increase in van drivers – a profession that is more in demand today than ever before.

The New Fleetboard Dispopilot.Guide

Optimising fleet performance is obviously crucial to any haulage dependent business, so it should come as no surprise that most savvy fleet operations have been quick to adopt technology that helps to fine tune performance and improve efficiency.